Our Roots

Engaging children and adults in nature-led learning, creativity and wellbeing activities, Led by the Wild, a ‘not for profit, organisation,   brings together forest, farm and meadows, providing group sessions for the local community.

Led by the Wild will give you the freedom and opportunity to explore your curiosities, unlock your imagination and nurture yourself in nature’s great playground.

Our Four Branches

Led by the Wild is divided into four branches, outdoor learning, creativity, community and conservation, that overlap and interweave to create exciting opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors for everyone.

Become the centre of your own learning by engaging with the natural world through hands on experiences. Raise self esteem by managing risk and controlling the pace and flow of your explorations. Let your curiosity be led by the wild!

Surrounded by a living stage, what better place to explore storytelling and drama? Gain confidence and a love of literacy beneath the trees in relaxed and nurturing sessions planned and led by two experienced primary school teachers. Not all classrooms need walls!

As an adult, we often spend the majority of our time giving and tending to the needs of others, but self care is important too! By involving yourself with our projects you will be able to focus on your wellbeing and become part of a wider community. Our Twilight Campfire Evenings are another way you can unwind, slow down and reconnect with yourself and the natural world.

Conservation underpins all that we do at Led by the Wild. Both preserving the flora and fauna we have on site and putting in place new measures to increase biodiversity are of paramount importance and we invite young and old to come and be involved with projects to make the Led by the Wild site a place where the natural world can flourish.

The Gallery

‘Go out, go out I beg of you

And taste the beauty of the wild.

Behold the miracle of the earth

With all the wonder of a child.’

Edna Jaques

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