A Little Autumn Make

We love autumn, the beautiful colours, the sound of crunching leaves and the hunting  for natural treasures.

I thought I would share an activity we enjoyed that made use of some of our ‘treasure’ and allowed for reflection and discussion about the colours of the season we were seeing all around us.


Wooden beads

Pipe cleaners

Marino wool roving

Mulberry silk fibres

Acorn cups

Conker or walnut shells

First fold the pipe cleaner in half.

Place a small bundle of the silk fibres into the fold.

Thread on a bead and pull until it reaches the end.

Fold up the remaining length of pipe cleaner to make body.

Fluff out some marino roving.

Wrap lengths of the roving around the body. Smooth it with your fingers.

Glue on acorn cup hat.

Add a couple of dots with the pen for eyes.

Pop your little Autumn Baby in a nutshell, conker case or seedpod for a cosy bed!

Product or Process?

I am very much a believer that children need many, many opportunities to discover the processes involved in creating and that the product is really the least important part of the learning experience. Finding out how different materials feel, how they combine, their limits and possibilities without pressure to produce anything in particular, is so important in building self-esteem and resilience.

This said I also feel that there is lots to gain from shared craft activities. It offers a chance to talk, introduce instructional language, new adjectives and adverbs. That focussed time with a child is about creating memories and a bond. As long as the task being undertaken is something achievable for the little one without lots of adult intervention, I say go for it!

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