Supporting our work by giving a lasting legacy…

It is natural when you start thinking about writing your Will that your loved ones will always be first on your mind. However, once you have made provision for your family and friends, you may well find that you are able to leave a gift in your Will to a not-for-profit, such as Led by the Wild. You may be daunted by making or changing a Will, but it is easy and quick to do. It is best to use a solicitor or professional will-writer to give you peace of mind. You do not have to make decisions all at once. For example, a simple Will could say that you
would like your family to have 95% of your estate and Led by the Wild 5%. It may be that you have already written a Will, but you would like to add a gift to us. If so, you can ask your solicitor to make any changes with a codicil form, which is a legal appendix to your Will.

If you would like to talk to us here at Led by the Wild about a legacy, simply contact Dr Alison Body, one of the Directors of Led by the Wild,  at