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I can do it! Facilitating self-care in the outdoor environment

Becoming Independent  Health and Self-Care form an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and the idea of allowing children to gain the necessary skills to increase independence, runs through many educational philosophies. Maria Montessori is particularly recognised for the importance she placed on self care, valuing it equal

I like to move it! All about the Transporting Schema…

What is a Schema? A schema in terms of play, is described as a repeated pattern of behaviour which helps some children explore ideas and put meaning to their actions so that they can make sense of the world. It is thought to be necessary for a child's cognitive development and an

Shhhhh! What can you hear?

Why Experiment With Sound? In our Tree Tots sessions we provide opportunities that will help children begin to notice and become attuned to the sounds around them. Fortunately, the woodland naturally offers a vast range of environmental sounds that can be explored but we also provide other