During our Storytelling sessions, children, families and schools have the chance to watch a story performance beneath the trees before stepping through the story into a world of creative experiences.

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

J.K. Rowling 

A Powerful Tool

Storytelling is such an amazing tool to enrich and expand children’s understanding of the world. It can help develop empathy skills as they explore how different characters respond to different situations. It can help them travel to far off lands, fly to the past or race to the future and experience worlds and cultures that may not normally be experienced within their day to day life.

Each story heard and retold, is laying down blueprints in their memory which can be drawn on and innovated by a child in their own compositions. Come and gain a new love for literacy, learning without walls, at our woodland site.

Wild about Stories

Using a mixture of interactive storytelling, creative activities and play, our Wild about Stories courses have been carefully planned to help build a love of reading and books for preschoolers and provide ideas and tips for parents and caregivers to try at home.

Some Lovely Feedback !

‘We had such fun this morning: making broomsticks, wands, potions and enjoyed a fabulous play!’

‘It really was the stuff my children dream of!’

‘What a magical and fabulous morning!’

‘Such high energy!’

‘… magical surroundings’

‘We can’t wait for the next event!’